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„... fresh and gripping ...”

"... quite incredible collective mastery ..."

"...l’interprétation par le groupe du presque expérimental Quatuor n° 15 opus 124 [de Weinberg] (1979) se révèle passionnante et n’appelle que des éloges : au fil de ces neuf miniatures, marquées seulement par des indications métronomiques, et d’avantage émancipées du point de vue de la dissonance, les Karski font montre d’une alacrité et d’une implication idéales : nos musiciens projettent en pleine lumière et sans compromis le fil discursif de l’œuvre, entre linéarité des enchaînements, symétries en arche des mouvements et effet de mémoire générés par de courts motifs récurrents, avec une maîtrise collective assez incroyable au vu de la récente création de la formation." -

The Karski Quartet

Rapidly gaining recognition on the   nternational music scene for its passionate interpretations of works ranging from Haydn to 21st century repertoire, the Karski Quartet was formed in Belgium in 2018 and performs in a wide range of venues throughout Europe. Highlights of the 2021/22 season include a debut recital at Flagey in Brussels, a performance at the String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam, and the premiere of a new CD album with music by Enescu, Ravel and Debussy, recorded with Philippe Graffin and Traces Festival Ensemble. The quartet’s founding members are violinists Kaja Nowak and Natalia Kotarba, violinist and violist Diede Verpoest and cellist Julia Kotarba. Having played with one another in many different combinations, the four met as a quartet during the 2018 Resonances Festival Academy. Soon after they were awarded the Grand Prix as well as the Special Prize for the alumni of the Royal Conservatory in Brussels at the 4th International Music Competition Triomphe de l’Art in Brussels. Since the inception of the quartet their mentors have been David Waterman, Philippe Graffin and Amy Norrington. From January 2019 through March 2020 the Karskis were the resident ensemble in the String Quartet Studio programme at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, working closely with Donald Grant (Elias Quartet), Petr Prause (Talich Quartet), Pavel Fischer (ex - Škampa Quartet) and Simon Rowland-Jones (ex – Chilingirian Quartet). They were also one of the first ensembles to take part in the ECMAster, a new Master study programme specially dedicated to chamber music and coordinated by the European Chamber Music Academy. The Karskis were awarded the highest distinction for their final recital at the RNCM in summer 2021. At present the quartet is Artist in Residence at the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel in Waterloo/Brussels, studying with members of the Artemis Quartet and Miguel da Silva. The quartet has also been selected to join Le Dimore del Quartetto network and is one of the three groups invited to participate in the 2022 Amsterdam String Quartet Biennale Residency.

Karski Quartet takes its name from Jan Karski, the legendary World War II resistance-movement figure. Commited as he was to showing others the dramatic truth about the war, the Karski Quartet members strongly believe that every era needs heroes like him. Amid the serious difficulties which the whole human population is facing now, they find Karski's profound compassion and uncompromising attitude an example to be emulated in art as well as in life.

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